What We Do


collaborative workspaceCollaborative Design Space is a solutions business. We exist to help organisations and educators plancreate and maximise value from your collaborative workspace. Learn how.

A collaborative space is an area where a number of participants can access and interact with each other. For example a meeting room, a training room, a breakout area, an innovation room or a learning & study area.

We help our clients create effective collaborative workspaces in two ways


Old environments entrench old behaviours. To facilitate change, you need to invest in collaborative environments with highly functional, innovative furniture. We design and import some of the world’s best collaborative furniture to meet a broad range of clients needs focused on three core elements: work walls, tables and castor stacking chairs. More >>


New environments alone won’t change behaviour. Good planning and education maximises the product investment. The tailored support services offered by Collaborative Design Space give clients the best opportunity to realise better outcomes. More >>


We work with corporate businesses, property groups, consultancies, education & learning organisations, and hotels & conference centres.

By working with us you can…

  • Create flexible, multi purpose discussion/meeting areas out of large or unused workspace.
  • Refresh tired old meeting rooms with furniture which helps break entrenched patterns of behaviour.
  • Create mobile staging walls of almost unlimited size: ideal for Agile working Scrum sessions and story boarding.
  • Convert a row of cubicles into a stimulating environment that balances privacy with collaboration.
  • Create temporary spaces and war rooms as required.
  • Tailor conference or event spaces to clients’ specific needs, without losing sight of the bottom line.
  • Adapt a learning space or classroom into an environment that stimulates interest and curiosity by allowing for movement and engagement.

The key benefits experienced by our clients are…

  • Enhanced visual management systems.
  • Activate unused real estate, thereby maximising workspace and improving yield.
  • Staff behaviour change through new, more collaborative ways of working.
  • Stimulate greater innovation and engagement.



Good Planning + Great Products + Tailored Training  =  Positive Outcomes

Good Planning.  We believe that carefully planned and designed spaces, that foster flexibility, teamwork and engagement, will result in positive outcomes – achieving change for the better.

Great Products.  We recognise the importance of physical environment in facilitating collaboration, innovation and learning.

Training.  We want to help organisations, institutions, and the people within them, interact more effectively by offering training and tailored support services.