What We Do

Our purpose is very clear – create value for our clients by providing sound advice, great products and exceptional services that support face to face collaboration.

We help our clients create effective collaborative workspaces by:

  • Manufacturing and sourcing loose furniture to support both casual and formal collaboration.
  • Instilling capabilities to use new processes within the new designed environments.

The ability to identify the right type of space and process for a given goal is what you get when working with Collaborative Design.


Understanding that how we shape our buildings has a material affect on us.

The key benefits experienced by our clients are…

  • Lower cost and more agile fit outs
  • Flexible and scaled visual management systems
  • Improved utilisation of space to decrease real estate costs
  • Enable behaviour change through new, more collaborative ways of working.
  • Stimulate greater innovation and engagement.

How we help you deliver these benefits…

  • Create flexible casual and formal space to improve employee experience.
  • Refresh tired old spaces to enable new more collaborative behaviors to flourish.
  • Implement broad adoption of Agile in open plan workspace – Scrums at scale without the downsides.
  • Improve privacy and acoustics in open plan.
  • Create temporary spaces and war rooms when required.
  • Adapt a learning space or classroom into an environment that stimulates interest and curiosity by allowing for movement and engagement.