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collaborative furnitureCollaborative Design Space design and source some of the world’s best collaborative furniture to help clients create effective work and learning spaces.

Our range of products is built around the need for movement, flexibility, conversation and collaboration. All products encourage face to face engagement and relationships.

We have maintained a specific product focus in order to deliver superior form, function and value. The configurable, customisable nature of our collaborative furniture ensures infinite options for our clients.

Work Walls

Our goal is to provide highly functional and desirable collaborative furniture to support new ways of working and learning.

A key focus for us is to provide unsurpassed levels of innovation that is affordable and desirable. Through our relationships with clients, suppliers and thought leaders we are able to maintain an ongoing focus on product innovation, listening to our clients challenges and responding to their needs.

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Core to our range are Work Walls. These days use of a traditional whiteboard is a compromise. You should only be using work walls for your visual management and collaboration needs.

An introduction to work walls