Our Products

Collaborative furniture solutions are essential when creating workspaces that drive collaboration. Collaborative Design Space specialise in innovative furniture and equipment that supports your workspace and collaboration goals.

We offer a wide range of designer whiteboards – both mobile and wall solutions. Plus we have solutions for visual management, acoustics and space partitioning.

Creating Collaboration

Collaboration happens when people come together to create new opportunities and solve complex problems.

Providing the right environment and tools to do this can be really simple. The first step for your collaborative furniture solutions is to provide a lot of visual management surfaces – mobile and wall whiteboards – to capture ideas, thoughts of individuals and groups. Your teams will build on those ideas and synthesize concepts, turning ideas into your next breakthrough.

The second step, especially if the space is part of an open plan area, is to consider the noise that is created when a team collaborating gets excited by the ideas and interaction. Providing acoustics support will not only improve both the performance of your collaborative spaces but, more importantly, the performance of all those working around your collaboration. One of our key innovations is integrating acoustics into visual management tools. Check out Vision Maker and Team Builder.

The final step is managing the consumables related to collaboration and creating a place for everything – pins, sticky notes, marker pens, and erasers. Good accessory products support keeping your space organised and clutter free. Mess is part of the creative process but when you leave the space, leave it neat and organised for the next round of breakthrough thinking.