A business inspired by codesign

Based in Melbourne and Singapore, Collaborative Design Space is an innovative business inspired by the concept of codesign.

Most people would look at the products and assume the DNA is in furniture design and manufacture but in fact the DNA is change.

The Managing Director working as a consultant first used design thinking and codesign to drive change in a large mining company and it was there he observed its power.


As the word codesign suggests, the formulation of ideas for change comes from a range of people that will affect change and those impacted by change. This was very different to how the mining industry operated which was much more hierarchical. The businesses CEO decided to try a new approach as the challenges had become more complex than just simply optimising a process.

The codesign meetings were held in rooms with one whiteboard at the front and tables arranged in a U-shape. We witnessed firsthand that, even with the right people in the room and the right process, getting rich ideas and thoughts was difficult. It was at this point I started to focus on the importance of space.

What if the room provided more visual management and more movement? What if we worked standing up?

It turned out that creating a space consistent with the processes made a huge difference, but finding good quality mobile furniture including whiteboards was difficult.

It was this ‘ah ha’ moment that sent us on our way of designing and manufacturing the best range of high-quality whiteboards and workwalls to support businesses implement more inclusive work practices such as Design Thinking and Agile Methodology.

And that’s how our workwalls came to life.

We’ve been around since 2015, designing and manufacturing furniture that supports businesses across Australia and Asia turn their space into smart, dynamic working environment that encourages collaboration.

Today we have over 500 clients across Australia and parts of Asia using our mobile whiteboards to drive change by making their workspaces more collaborative.

We’re happy to discuss your specific design and culture needs and help you find the best work wall for your office space.