Architect and Designers

Workplace projects are very complex with many stakeholders. Architects and Designers, are often in the center of these complex projects working across and with the client stakeholders, vendors and other service providers.

Collaborative Design Space is making available a secure website to assist Architects and Designers get necessary information to progress their projects in the most efficient way. The site will provide content to hopefully save you time and make working with us even easier.

Information will include:

  • product pricing and technical information

  • 2D (.dwg)

  • 3D (.stl & .stp)

If you are an architect or a designer, and want to have a login to our secure platform, you will need to provide your company name and email address to or call our office on 0386011197.

Collaborative Design Space is determined to protect and maintain your privacy. We are privileged to be trusted with your personal information and do not wish to jeopardize that trust.

Who we work with

Using mobile work walls enable teams to move the tools they need to wherever they need them, providing flexible wall space to create and collaborate, rather than limiting this activity to traditional meeting spaces.

Project Director

National Corporate

Working with you guys has been very easy and we love the Y System. It has helped with our agile transformation.”

Head of Workplace

International Corporate

Recommended products for Architects & Designers

Clarus Go!

Clarus Go!

Y? System

Y? System





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