Our Y? System is a 3-in-1 agile methodology tool designed to maximise space, productivity as well as your equipment budget.

agile methodology
Does your space need…

  1. A mobile magnetic whiteboard,
  2. A visual management system, and
  3. A space partitioning system.

Y? is all of these things. So there is no longer a need to invest in separate tools when the Y? System offers a complete solution.

agile methodologyAnd the versatility of the Y? System continues to include a plethora of different configurations by interconnecting the individual boards.

Create straight, angled or curved configuration – without loss of stability. Create war rooms, plenary, Y-shape etc etc.

Key features of Y? System:

– Large vertical surface (4m²+)
– Can be nested for compact storage
– Quality writing surface, easy to clean (no “ghosting”)
– On wheels for good mobility
– Durable & magnetic Polyvison e3 ceramic steel
– Frame and side bars can be customised in a wide range of colours
– Also available with acoustic foam on one side

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The Y? System is used by the following successful companies:

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