Our Story

Previously consulting to businesses in the areas of strategy and change design, we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of collaboration and teamwork.

Combining this experience with the disciplines of Design Thinking and Co-Design provided great insights into what enhance this culture and what drive better results.

But something was missing…

We noticed no solution caters for joint teamwork that is also mobile, acts as space partition and allows for different visual styles to be explored. No existing product was dynamic as teams need it to be. 

And that’s how our Workwalls came to life.

We’ve been around since 2015, designing and manufacturing furniture that supports businesses across Australia and Asia turn their space into smart, dynamic working environment that encourages collaboration.

Today we have over 400 clients using our mobile Workwalls, benefiting from both the product and our knowledge around collaboration and co-design.

We’re happy to discuss your specific design and culture needs and help you find the best Work wall for your office space.