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Collaborative Design Space was founded by Peter Brady, a veteran management consultant, with extensive collaboration skills, focused on change.

To help establish and grow the business, Peter was joined by Vince Asdagi who now leads this innovative company.

Relationships. Innovation. Value.

Both Peter and Vince are passionate about the Collaborative Design Space offering, and are focused on developing trustworthy, enduring relationships while creating effective environments where clients can grow their collaboration skills to improve learning and innovation.

” Our purpose is very clear – create value by making working and learning a positive and fulfilling experience. “

Collaborative Design Space has a growing list of clients in the Education, Corporate, Property and Consulting sectors. All have unique needs, but with their diverse backgrounds and wealth of experience, Peter and Vince are well equipped to plan an effective solution.

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Peter Brady – Founder

collaboration skillsBefore Collaborative Design Space, Peter worked with some of the best consultancy companies in the world specialising in transformational change. In the last 5 years he has specialised in large meeting design and facilitation.

Peter has assisted large corporate organisations, providing value and learning in the areas of change, strategy and creativity.

During his career, Peter has been through a number of multi year transformational programs. He often reflected on the experience of his clients and the consultancy business model. He observed a few consistent themes which challenged him to ask… is there a better way? The answer to this question was what sparked the formula for Collaborative Design Space.

Peter Brady set out to develop a methodology to simplify what he had learnt throughout his career and orientate his methodology towards the users participating much more in the process of change.

In addition to the processes, Peter believed the physical environment needed to enable different behaviours and ways of working and so commenced sourcing adaptable and mobile furniture pieces to support his vision of growing collaboration skills and providing consulting services to a broad range of corporate clients.

Vince Asdagi – Managing Director

collaboration skillsVince is a passionate advocate for better collaboration and teamwork, with a view to creating cultures that support growth.

With an open leadership style, Vince has great collaboration skills and an excellent ability to relate to, and with, people.

Recently he assisted an organisation improve their operating performance by enabling them to optimise the performance of their people. In most cases, the improvements experienced weren’t about changing the people but about helping them have the right conversations.

Vince provides Collaborative Design Space with a clear business management capability. He brings to Collaborative Design Space a broad background in business, finance and consulting, along with a successful track record of growing businesses.